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30-day challenge a day challenge.

that's a mouthful.

OKAY. here's how this works. from 18th october to 16th nov, there is a series of small challenges which can be done. some are ic, some are ooc. here are the rules:
- if you complete a challenge on the given day (e.g. the 20 oct challenge ON the 20th oct), you can claim 20$.
- if you complete a challenge NOT on the given day (e.g. the 20 oct challenge on 15th oct), you can claim 10$.
- each challenge may only be claimed once.
- you can track challenges on your bank and then post (with links where necessary) after the 16th nov on the updates board to claim your $$.

have fun!!

18 Oct: Use the word ‘amaranthine’ in an IC post.
19 Oct: Post or reply to an ‘any’ post.
20 Oct: Summarise any character on the site in a haiku (5, 7, 5) and post it on the chat board. Bonus: make it cryptic and have other people guess which character it is about.
21 Oct: Reference or pay tribute to your favourite author in an IC post.
22 Oct: Use the Round-Ups board to formulate or develop a connection between characters (e.g. sketching out a first meeting, writing a letter etc) without writing a full IC thread.
23 Oct: Post a compliment for another player on the Chat board or in the #general channel on Discord.
24 Oct: Write an IC post in which a character participates in the Hallowe’en festival.
25 Oct: Pick the two most opposite characters you can think of and generate (fake) baby stats for them. Post the results on Haven’s ‘just for fun’ board.
26 Oct: Find a song on youtube which you use for specific muse for one character. Post the song on chat but don’t say which character it’s for. Everyone else has to guess which character it’s for.
27 Oct: Request or complete any kind of prompt or catalyst on the Impetus board.
28 Oct: Sell an item from your bank.
29 Oct: Reference or pay tribute to an internet meme in an IC post.
30 Oct: Use the word ‘pumpkin’ in an IC post.
31 Oct: Find a picture which relates to any character on the site. Post it on the Chat board. Everyone else has to guess which character it relates to.
1 Nov: Include a shamanimal in an IC post.
2 Nov: Post in Saltrock Peaks.
3 Nov: Recommend a specific book, song, film or TV show to another player which you genuinely think they might enjoy. Use the Chat board or the #general Discord channel.
4 Nov: Buy an item from the shop (or a power/trait).
5 Nov: Post in Elysium Forum.
6 Nov: Update a character’s profile on your bank.
7 Nov: Post on the #nanowrimo channel on Discord to offer the NaNo participants some encouragement.
8 Nov: Use any NPC in an IC post (you can make up the NPC if you want, or use an existing one).
9 Nov: Create a new HTML layout for any character (or as an adoptable freebie).
10 Nov: Post a secret about one of your characters on the Chat board, but don’t say which character (e.g. ‘This character hates mushrooms’). Everyone has to guess which character the secret is about.
11 Nov: Send another player a message to tell them one thing you really like about their writing.
12 Nov: Write an IC post from the perspective of the familiar.
13 Nov: Post an advert for Shaman on another site.
14 Nov: Use the phrase ‘mealy-mouthed’ in an IC post.
15 Nov: Buy or trade for an item from another player.
16 Nov: Describe a dream your character had in an IC post.

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