got a head full of spiders

MATURE: Post contains some minor swearing. :3

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Crea had been in Shaman for... she wasn't sure, really. Time was her least favorite thing, and keeping track of it was asking rather a lot, wasn't it? More than a day and less than a week, or was it two weeks? She shoved aside the question with a lazy shrug, unbothered by her lack of knowing. Stationed high in the rafters of the library - it was quiet and peaceful there, surrounded by so many old friends and friends she had yet to know - she'd slept or snacked the majority of the time away, much to Cyrsis' annoyance. The kingsnake pooled on her chest, the black-banded, bright orange spots adorning her otherwise gray form bright even in the partial darkness.

Will you ever get up and do something? she asked irritably, her voice smooth and slick as it brushed against Crea's mind. Since their arrival in Shaman Crea had been pleasantly surprised by the fact she could now hear the voice of her pet. Someone below had mentioned "familiars", and Crea was forced to assume Cyrsis had become hers in the transition from her current homeworld to this place, just as she could now be considered a fairy rather than a human with mermaid blood. Such changes did sometimes happen, she supposed. Things would be far more fun if small wings she'd developed were useful for much of anything, though, but she was only level one, and this was to be expected. She should probably work on levelling, she thought with a yawn, though she hadn't the faintest idea how to do that. Perhaps she would have to corner the doctor-child again and find out.

When I feel like it, Crea replied lazily, flipping over to her stomach so she could peer down at the library. There wasn't much there today, everyone was likely busy doing jobs (how terribly boring), but... a new face, or rather, new hair had arrived. This perked her interest, enough that she stood, securing Cyrsis around her neck, and dashed with her Super Speed from rafter to rafter until she stood poised above the man. He was busy contemplating the castle grounds, it seemed. But why? She leapt soundlessly from her rafter to the top of the nearest bookcase, sliding down until she was resting atop it on her stomach, and peered outside from her high position.

"What is it?" Crea said at last. "I don't see anything worth watching."




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