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Cachexia -table test-

Cachexia :: AVIAN

Name: Cachexia

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Fae

Appearance: She sports an average alternating gray coat. Dense and short. Along her spine and down the dorsal portion of her tail she is a darker, more wirey gray, almost black. She has sea-foam green eyes, and large round ears. Her paws are also larger than average. The most amazing part of this wolf is her stunning blue array of plumage running from the point of her skull to the base of her thick tail. They are identical to that of a blue jay with dazzling blues, blacks and whites interspersed.

Personality: Cachexia is a lofty, earth bound spirit. Soft spoken and kind she prefers the dense forest to all else and spends most of her time staring up at the trees or admiring the other wildlife. She believes in harmony and balance in the world and starts every day with an early morning walk with nature. Caea stands by the idea that almost anything can be solved with words and logic and tries very hard to avoid violence.


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