Fight For A Better Day

Saffron couldn’t remember the last night she’d slept properly. It seemed almost natural now to wake up in the middle of the night, breath short and body cold and clammy. She didn’t always remember the nightmares and she didn’t want to think about them or talk about them. Not that she had anyone to talk too. At least no one she felt comfortable talking to. When they’d first started after the omni… after she’d seen her mother… well Nimmy was still around. She couldn’t tell her exactly what was bothering her but at least she was there and eventually the nightmares had stopped and sleep had come easier. Recently they’d come back and bedtime had become a thing to dread, with sleep proving elusive and then restless at best. Saffy had discovered that training helped; as it seemed to help with everything at the moment. It kept her mind busy and tired out her body. It made actually getting to sleep easier even if the nightmares still woke her up in the early hours.

Today had been little different. The nightmares had struck when it was still dark and after an hour or so of fitful sleep she’d given in. Instead of lying there in the dark she’d lit a candle and continued reading an old favourite that had been a gift from her cousin. When Grayson had gone off the first time looking for their mother Saffron had felt abandoned again. That feeling lessened when Tristan would drop by with a handful of books for her. It wasn’t just that they shared blood he’d been friends with her brother she knew that. The way Grayson spoke about him she knew he admired their cousin. It had been good of him to keep visiting her even after Grayson was gone. It was odd to think that, that smiling boy who’d brought her books was now a murderer. Still it hurt less than finding out her mother was one. Maybe it was just something in their blood.

No, she didn’t need those thoughts to come creeping back in. As the dawn light started to bloom she put away the book and changed into her running gear. Starting the day with a run through the Castle gardens had become habit now, followed with a series of exercises and then whatever else was to come. Today wasn’t different. There was still some bruising on her ribs but they didn’t pain her anymore except when she pushed too hard. She’d felt fine when she entered the training yard earlier, maybe a little breathless from the run. How long ago she wasn’t sure anymore. Her muscles were starting to complain and her ribs were beginning to feel uncomfortable so maybe a bit too long.

Still her concentration was focused enough that noise of a throat being cleared had her spinning around in surprise. Short of breath she stared at the stranger trying to work out if she knew him somehow, she decided quickly on no. Shaman had plenty of unusual looking folks in it but Saffron didn’t know anyone with antlers and silver eyes. Taking a deep breath, she untied her hair from the ponytail she’d had it in and then re-did it securing away what had come loose. It gave her time to catch her breath and consider. She’d never been entirely good with people. Interacting with her brother was easy but everyone else? Ever since she was little she’d always preferred to have her head in a book it had made making friends difficult. It was more difficult now she found herself second guessing everyone but she could try, right?

Her stomach ridiculously empty certainly thought she could and now she’d stopped her skin was starting to feel the chill. “Um sure thank you,” she smiled, “I’m Saffron by the way, I uh, I don’t know you, do I? You’re not one of Tris’s old friends, are you?” She doubted it, most weren’t around the castle anymore and those that were, weren’t ‘friends’ or wouldn’t admit to it. Still it was the only reason she could figure for someone being nice to her. She glanced across the field to where he’d come from, “do you work at the kennels?” There was always so many people coming and going around the Castle it was impossible for her to remember everyone.

[Saffys got amber eyes, coppery-red hair, and tanned skin. On haven she's described as having an oval face, sharp cheekbones and a prominent nose. I imagine she's a little on the slim side still but she's working toward an athletic sorta frame. I babble still]

Stand Up and Fight! Stand Up and See The Sky Turn Bright

photo by Shan Sheehanat flickr.com


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