Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


butterfly in the sky

The fact that the first wolf or creature Fairuz encountered on her first night in this foreign land was the Captain of the Royal Guard had been perhaps the biggest stroke of luck that she had been blessed with in the past weeks. Fear and terror had been the dominant emotions during that time, not knowing exactly how far Duma and his minions would go and what lines they would cross to get there. The corrupted guards were ordered to keep them safe and guarded yes, but that did not take away from the fact that they were prisoners, prisoners of a merciless and cruel coup that did not care for the wounds they inflicted into the wolves of the land, whether the wounds were of the body or the mind. Fairuz could never feel safe in such a situation at the mercy of such cruel wolves and fearing that the violence they used to gain control of the kingdom had not been the last the Rainbows would see.

However at least now, hopefully with those very wolves left far behind, the opal-colored youth actually felt relatively safe. It was a precarious and fragile feeling, like at any moment the Tempests they had all fled from would emerge from the bushes and again corral the colorful pups back into captivity. But so far there'd been no sign or evidence that there were even Tempests here - only herself, the other Arcus Irae who'd escaped, and Ignis. Perhaps they were safe after all; Fairuz was hopeful that this was true, but now they needed to find their way back together.

Fairuz had been the first to voice this plan, but after Ignis suggested she lead the pair of them, she wanted to balk at the idea. Though she felt safe from the Tempests for the time being, she had no idea what other dangers this new land might hold. In their first few moments together, the battle-scarred male had already killed a snake that'd gotten too close and before she even knew it was there. Who knew what else was out there? Yet he had provided her convincing reasoning to soothe her initial doubts, stating "Your senses will lead us much quicker than my own, for they are thine blood. I will follow quite close behind, lest you would have me walk beside or ahead of thee." That reassurance in combination with her own desire to reunite with her kin had been reason enough for her to agree with him. She'd finally nodded, trying to calm the butterflies aflight in her stomach. "I would prefer you were close, Sir Ignis." She'd added quickly, turquoise eyes straying apprehensively to the spot where he had caught the snake. "If you do not mind?" Her focus shifted to the distant horizon and then back to the cream-coated male. It would be far less intimidating braving the grand unknown world knowing that Ignis was close at hand - at least until they learned what other dangers they might encounter.

As they agreed upon their plan, the pair of them ventured into the night on the next leg of their journey. Fairuz stayed just a few steps ahead of her guardian leading them in a southerly direction across the fields of Cluain Flur, trusting Ignis' instinct to avoid the sea of blood flowers and that they would be safer getting on the move as soon as possible. The following days they spent traveling and resting - Fairuz relying on Ignis' intuition for detecting danger and he relying on her to choose their direction. She spoke freely of the land around them and of the other rainbows, but she carefully avoided speaking of any of the recent events that led to their current predicament. She tired more quickly than Ignis and required more breaks, but she was eager for the reunion to come, feeling as if their separation was a wrong that must be righted. She got the sense from observing Ignis and things he said that he too felt the urgency to find the others as soon as possible and so Fairuz gallantly strove to push the limits of her stamina so as not to slow them any further.

The motivation became stronger the further they traveled south, Fairuz feeling more and more that they were close, so very close. She'd led them into a grand forest, not really certain that it was indeed where the others were, but some deep intuition made it feel right. After a short break along a small stream for water, Fairuz did not immediately resume their travel, but instead stood at attention staring into the forest around them with brilliant turquoise-blue eyes wide and her soft pink nose gently working the air. Having little practice in tracking and sorting out the myriad of scents that went with the forest, the speckled pup tilted her head up to gaze to Ignis in askance, wondering if it were only her imagination or if there was something to notice here. "Can you sense anything, Sir Ignis? I feel like... like we're close. But... I don't know." Again, she gazed back out into the trees, downstream from their current location for whatever reason.

The young rainbow fell to pondering her senses, pink-rimmed ears flicked back to catch Ignis' reply. But that is when she heard it - a call meant for her and the other rainbows! She flinched initially in surprise, not expecting it, but almost in the same instant a broad grin spread across her maw and she looked excitedly back to her companion, tail wagging. "They ARE here!" The little rainbow chirruped, shuffling her multi-colored paws in her glee. Finally their days of traveling and searching for signs of the any of the others, they had finally found one! Yipping in her soft, bubbly voice, the opal colored youth darted off alongside the small stream, not hesitating long enough to see what Ignis' reaction was. She wasn't about to delay the reunion any longer!

Fairuz runs as quickly as she can, but the uneven terrain along with clusters of trees and undergrowth did not make it possible for her to go as fast as she wanted or maintain a straight path. At one point she splashed through the shallow water to reach more open ground on the other side and did not even stop to shake in her haste. She could feel them now, feel the pull of their presence the closer that she got and when she reached a thinning in the trees, she could see that the little stream flowed down a bit of a slope until it joined a burbling and rushing river. But standing on it's bank were a group of wolves and among them were three familiar patches of bright color that she recognized the hues and patterns of immediately. The relief of actually seeing them again after the terrifying ordeal of being separated in the crossing between worlds was immense and Fairuz cried out happily as the feeling washed over her, forgetting her usual inhibitions and embracing this wonderful moment of reunion. Thinking for only a second to cast the briefest of glances behind her to make sure Ignis was still near, Fairuz hurried down the slight grade towards the gathering. "Zawyne! Losa! Scamander!" Her cheerful voice was breathless and full of relief. She was breathing hard from her run and slowed to a trot, bright blue-green eyes dancing amongst the wolves with them now - one with a darker pelt and two others with similar coats of silvery-white. Not thinking much of them at first, the little wolfess continued forward but then skidded sharply to a halt on the pebbly shore a short distance away from them when she felt a different type of pull to the two light colored wolves, the kind that she had only felt around her family's and other... Tempests! Fear flooded over her like she'd just been doused in cold river water and her stare fell upon the two wolves in question, frozen in place by the shock and terror. She saw their electric blue eyes now; they were Tempests, and they were here! Sensing Ignis' presence behind her, Fairuz whirled back to him in alarm. "They found us!" She breathed in disbelief, repeating herself again in the rush of panic. "They found us!" Rushing to move behind her guardian, Fairuz turned to look again in fear and confusion at the pair of Tempests that stood with her fellow Rainbows.

Loyal to none – Betrothed to none - Protected by none – Pup

Played by Tikki


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