Perhaps changed most of all out of all of the packs is this place. It was stripped out of its forested home and now instead lays at the edge of an ocean. The vast sparkling eternity of the water lays to the south of the land, while the rest of the land is made of rocky outjuttings. Gone are the trees, and all that remains for greenery are the short shrubs that dot the paths in the rock, and the moss that grows thanks to the spray of the waves. Further toward the shore, barnacles are a plenty, and look to cut the pads of those who slip on the wet surface. These extend out into the water itself, and the tough land has multiple caverns scraped into it, providing ample dens for the wolves that live there. Depending on the tide, however, the lower caverns may flood, and the vicious swirling water may prove to be dangerous as there is a strong undertide ready to pull unsuspecting swimmers to their doom. Even the tide itself is powerful enough to push intruders against one cliff or another. The ocean does provide, however, plenty of food for those who brave the waters - there are many breeds of seals and sea lions, though the males that protect each of these are vicious and territorial. There are also turtles that come ashore to breed and to lay their eggs - both the adults and the eggs themselves can provide sustenance to the wolves. But they must take care - the water is deep enough to allow sharks to come to shore from the depths below. Those unwilling to venture the waves or wet their paws with the moist sand of the shore can find snakes and hares in the rocky outcroppings, but they must beware the Komodo dragon and other monitor lizards that perch upon the shore - they are swift and move in groups, not to mention they carry venom in their bite that causes immense pain, paralysis, and prevents blood clotting. This is not the land for the weak of heart or the weak at all really. This is Uyaraut - ‘The Diamond in the Rough’.


|| I can still hear your laughter bounce off the walls of our home ||

Limbs itched like nothing the lass had ever experienced. The dull scales peeling scale by scale was nearly unbearable- no- it was unbearable and the girl had to walk with her maw clenched shut, fangs gritting against each other as she continued on. Stopping every once in a while to scratch one limb and then another and then another and ot continued on for hours and hours as she made her way towards Uyaraut where Mabbit had left a trail of blood from a fresh kill he'd made to a turkey. The trail let her follow without losing his scent. . . even though she kept having to stop to itch the dull, dry scales. Though they still had the colors that had appeared when it first happened, but they were just dull and eventually ended with fur again. The brindled lass at this point was frustrated and wished she hadn't been at Fir Chilis at the time of the colored geyser and the loud ass explosion that had made her faint. In fact she wanted nothing to do with these scales, even if they were petty, she was already weird enough without scales

When she did finally arrive at Uyaraut, she stopped way before the border where no one could see her, tasting the air and finally moving towards the border, when Mabbit came into view the ess had to stop to itch one of the peeling limbs. When it stopped, she moved forward to him and stopped just shy of the border. Looking towards the turkey and then towards Mabbit. Eyes falling to his head where nubs were. Audits flattened slightly, "Mabbit, you have nubs!"

The girls shock didn't override her need to itch as her rump plopped on the earth beneath her and she instantly brought her hind paw up to scratch at her front leg, groaning as the sensation helped her itchiness.


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