Susil Crags

Disaster has struck!
The Crags are a series of rocky formations with small caves and crevices throughout. Many of the lower-lying areas of the Crags have been flooded, however, with water pouring in from the Northern stretches of Moladion. Some paths have been completely submerged, and some are nothing more than a few rocky peaks sticking out of the water. The water is fairly slow moving but begins to pick speed up towards the Grotto, becoming a series of intense rapids and waterfalls as it nears the Grotto's entrance.

The area itself is still traversible. However, it can be risky. Large amounts of debris can enter the waterway, creating bridges at times but also creating dams that break and cause ocassional flash-flooding. Be careful, travelers! One wrong step and you could end up finding out where the water goes.

Note: Susil Crags will return to normal once 25 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes.

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Without A Sound

Kajika had done his best not to catch her attention. He was seemingly successful. However, in rounding her current spot, he did not account for Sekhmet's decision to rise and circle the rock as he drew nearer. The intent was to sneak up and demand his answers. Instead, Kajika was almost on the receiving end of teeth. Almost. He remember her smell, he remembered her look. That day was ingrained in his mind. His ears laid back for a moment, realizing his miscalculation when the growl reached his ears. She was moving, and facing him.

His cerulean eyes grew wide in that brief second, recognizing her change in stance for what it was. The brindle and white boy stopped in his tracks. In learning to read his mute aunt, he had a better understanding of body language. Albeit not a perfect one, but the utterance of those first to words told him enough. He swallowed, maintaining his ground. This close, he realized how much smaller he was than the female. Even though he was nowhere near fully grown, he would never be more than half her size then. Kajika kept his breathing steady, watching the angry wolf a few seconds more when she spoke again. Single syllable, single word. He was almost surprised that she was willing to let him speak.

Diminutive as he was in comparison, the young wolf maintained a relatively neutral stance, yet he was prepared to run. All he really wanted were answers, knowing physically he stood no chance but to run if she changed her mind. Sekhmet did not directly harm him, but she had allowed it to happen. "Why do you do it? Why did you let her do it? Pleasure? Power? Only monsters dare harm a child," he said. His tone was unwavering, but it was clear he did not understand what Sekhmet and Myrria were, other than wolves hunting other wolves. The end statement though, was rather accusatory. After all, what wolf but a monster dared hunt another wolf? It did not occur to him that he might not like whatever answer he received.


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