what was in your heart when it stopped going

TW: Aura's posts invariably contain strong death themes.

For I had believed what I was sold, I did all the things that I was told
But all that has changed, and now I'm bold.

Aura had always liked Morgana. There was a warm sensibility about her which tempered her pragmatism, generally making her more approachable than other members of her family. More importantly, she possessed the rare and impressive ability to encourage morality in others. Arthur had the same gift. It was only because of their shared talent in this area that Aura had felt comfortable leaving Mallos and Thoth in their capable hands. Mallos, especially, needed that external guidance.

But now… with Aura and Arthur dead, and Morgana – whatever Morgana was, the two people she cared about the most had been left to mull in their respective difficulties and uncertainties. Of course, Aura was still here in a sense, but neither of them would listen to her right now. She had a hunch they wouldn’t listen to Morgana either. Perhaps they were right not to.

The lady who was with Morgana exclaimed excitedly as Aura spoke, whipping back and forth between the princess and the reaper. Her amber-gold, catlike eyes seemed to be glowing. Aura blinked at her.

“Er…” She glanced at her staff, then back at the strange woman. “Thanks.” I think?

The staff twitched irritably in her hand the way it always did when she stayed in one place for more than a few seconds.

Morgana introduced the woman as Bohdi, a smile fixed on her face. Aura didn’t smile back, but she did succeed in maintaining a neutral, polite expression. It was easier than she supposed it might have been. Generally speaking, Aura wasn’t concerned about the affairs of the living; even on issues which did matter to her, it was fairly easy to switch off. She could choose not to take it personally, which was handy given how turbulent the so-called ‘sanctuary’ of Shaman could be.

After encouraging Bohdi to ask whatever it was which was plaguing her, Morgana removed herself from the group and retreated to her dressing table. Aura turned her penetrating blue stare onto the lion-eyed woman, quirking an eyebrow.

A u r a
They thought I was weak, but I am strong; they sold me the world but they were wrong
And now that I'm back, I still belong.

image by ankur sharma at flickr.com


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