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significant rule change regarding inactive offspring

As you guys know, Shaman has always been a ‘drop it and come back whenever you like’ style of game. For this reason we don’t host activity checks or delete characters.

Merl and I have had a chat and we would like to implement a new system which already exists on other RPGs. This system will allow players of active parent characters to be able to claim inactive children of their characters, even if they never played them or laid down rules to be able to reclaim them.

To be able to claim an inactive child, the following must be observed:
- If possible, attempts should be made to contact the player of the child to ask to obtain the character.
- You can only claim a child of a character you actively play. If your parent character is now deceased, they are obviously excepted from this.
- The player of the child should have not been on Shaman at all for a significant amount of time. A few months wouldn’t be considered long enough; we’re only really looking at claiming back children from players who have not set foot on Shaman for years and who clearly have no intention of returning.
- This only applies where the player has been gone completely for a significant amount of time. Where the player is still on the site and is just playing other characters and not your child, you should speak to them to resolve this issue.

If you wish to claim an inactive child character, you should speak to me or Merlin first to check that these points are checked off. If we’re happy to let you claim, you should then post on the chat board giving the player of the child a 2-week warning to let them know you intend to take the child character. If in that 2-week period they post on Shaman asking to keep the child in their name, you should then discuss this with them. If they do not post within that 2-week period, you may then post on updates claiming the child.

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