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Morgin !!!!

Hello lovely!!!

I of course remember you! Itís been a long while, almost 2 years ya? So... some of the packs are shut down because of inactivity. We have changed some rules because of dingbats who came and were rude.

You can absolutely come back and play just the same as you always did. Yes, packs have changed descriptions - we did a site wide vote on pictures and names and everything.

And we added in magic, but you donít have to use it if you donít want - there are a few different bloodlines that have magical qualities (Tempests, vampires, rainbows, etc) but no one actually uses magic. Thusly, it doesnít affect most characters

As for what character to bring back... Iíd have to go back and remember who you had. I have a list somewhere!

If you have questions, feel free to message me, my email is on the members page <3

Other people who will remember you are Xathira and Alesana for sure, maybe Casey and Violet?

  • Hi!!! -
    <3 <3 <3 -
    yooooooo -
    <3 <3 -

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