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happy easter!

Happy Easter, folks!

To celebrate, we have launched a new collectible item: Holiday Eggs. There are 10 different types which each do something different when cracked open. The catch is, weíre not gonna tell you what they do ;)
(Itís all good things.)

Each player may claim a free Holiday Egg on the updates board. Which one you receive will be completely random. You may then choose to keep it and sit on it for a while, crack it open or sell it. To crack it open, simply post on the updates board.

Each egg has a value of 900$, so you can sell it for that amount.

Until the end of April, you can also buy Holiday Eggs for 900$ from the updates board. Again, itís random which one youíre given! If youíre after a specific egg, try trading or buying from other players.

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