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big update

Few things in this one…

Rule change to names
Up until this point, the rule has been that two characters (fairies and familiars) could not share a name. We are introducing a change to this rule so that a player may reuse a name they have used previously, where the previous character has died. The limitations of this are:

1. A player can only reuse their own names. So only Merlin would now be able to use the name Arthur again.
2. A name can only be reused if character originally bearing the name is dead and no longer played (e.g. not being used as a Lieutenant of Death).
3. Only character can be alive with the same name at a time. So if Merlin created a new character called Arthur, and then wanted to resurrect the original one, she would need to kill off the new one first.

Subsequent characters with reused names will be recorded in the database with a ‘II’ or ‘III’ sign, but can be posted on boards without this. So Arthur II in the database can be posted as just Arthur on the boards.

This enables players to have familiars, children or grandchildren named after a deceased ancestor.

Rule change to familiars and powers/traits
The ‘Familiar Trait’ and ‘Familiar Voucher’ items have been removed from shops. Instead, all familiars can purchase powers and traits from the power DB like fairies can. However, each familiar is limited to 3 powers/traits total at this time.

Single Baby restoration
The Single Baby item has gone walkabout from shops, not sure why. It has been restored to shops for 500$.

Database notes
Few points on this… firstly, Merl noticed that there seems to be a glitch with Baseportal in that updates don’t always go through. There are also some blank spaces under eye/wing/hair/skin appearances for some characters. With both these things in mind, when you get a chance, can you all check your characters’ entries in the database to make sure everything is there which should be there? If there are any missing powers/traits/items, or if any appearance information needs to be filled out, just post on updates.

When I get time, I’m going through the join/Haven boards and filling in missing appearance info for unplayed characters. From 1st May onwards, I’ll also be filling the wing appearance field in as ‘plain wings’ for field which are still blank. You can remove wings any time by using an Anti-Wing Potion and change any appearance details with a Database Glitch.

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