I ran out of witty things to say

Certainly, she didn’t fit in any conventional box, but he was rather used to meeting the quirks and the oddballs by now. That didn’t mean he was immune to them, just experienced in hiding his reaction. However, even he couldn’t entirely hide his reactions, especially since their introductions was him in a chair and her perched precariously on the top of a bookcase. Had he ever been introduced to someone in such a weird way?

What happened next was far beyond unusual, however, and he couldn’t quite suppress his lips from twitching, the corner managing to curve up. For a moment, he wondered what it’d be like to walk up the side of a building. Or a tree. Mountain climbing would be a breeze if one could simply attach themselves so firmly to the ground.

“I much prefer that one.” He leaned back against his chair, crossing his ankles.

When the snake came out, Asef’s attention darted quickly to her. He’d always had a fondness for snakes, and his familiar, a King Cobra who was probably off on his own adventure, had been one of the reasons why he had a special place for said reptiles. His fingers itched to touch the scales, but politely kept his eager fingers to himself. He could do all the scritching on snake scales later, once Setekh finished his nosy business in the brushes.

“What can I do?” He frowned for a moment, placed his hand on the table palm up, and pushed a thin stream of water upwards like a small fountain. It wasn’t all that impressive. At least compared to walking up and down walls or any other vertical surface. Just some water. Really, he’d probably go well in some rich person’s garden fountains. He knew how to make water bubbles too. For added effect, of course.



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