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life sucks but you're awesome.

There are a sizeable number of our members who are currently dealing with a lot in their home lives, or with mental or physical health.

This is, as always, a fantastic community in which nobody is ever placed under pressure to write, which is why so many members dealing with so much still feel comfortable being here. I wanted to do a news post to acknowledge and thank everyone for the incredible support they provide each other. I also wanted to highlight that this is a difficult time for many people, so your continued support of one another is very important right now.

For a lot of members experiencing difficulty at the moment, there’s very little that we as a community can do except listen. To try and help people along a little, and as a thanks for the supportive nature of the community, each player may cash in a “favour” at their leisure.

Rather than issuing a fixed item or amount of doubloons, this is a little looser and more flexible. You can cash it in for a particular item, boost in doubloons, power/etc which you might be after if you want, but you could also cash it in for something more abstract. You might want a particular level branch for a character, or plot permissions, or something specific in baby stats, or a “rule bend”, a rare item, a promotion/career opportunity for a character – it’s open-ended. There will be a limit on what you can ask for (it’s unlikely you’ll get a mythical familiar for free, for example) but you might get a boost towards the thing you want.

This may be useful for helping people get to where they want to go if they’re unable to write as much right now, and have thus fallen behind on goals.

Because everyone’s got a lot on their plates, there is no time limit on when you can cash this in. I’ll keep track of who’s cashed in in the staff room, so you can do it a year from now if you like.

To cash in, simply speak to me over DMs.

This can only be claimed by existing members on the site; not members who join since this news post.

(Sealed in rex wax by Merlin. The best kind of wax. The only kind of seal.)

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