Let's take a better look beyond the storybook

A little one can only hang out by one tree for so long before they are drawn to something else. Fay-Fay had told her to stay in that area, but she had never said just how big the area was. Besides, she had Chi and she wasn't going to wander too far from the large blooms of the tree.

She had been perfectly content playing in the grass and making a headband out of the weeds, but the bright colors of the flowers that had been sticking out of the large stone wall were too pretty to pass up. Little hands nudged at her bonded, her face leaning close to his ears as he slept beside her. "Chi." The whisper was just the slightest hint of a sound against his ear, causing it to flicker ever so slightly. When Chi didn't move, a slight frown came over her pretty little features. A hand moved ro run through her dark auburn curls, pushing them back from where they had fallen into her face. She leaned even closer, her lips touching his ear as her fingertips poked him again in his side. "Chi-Chi! The flowers." The words were louder this time, more of a normal talking level then a whisper.

Chi wiggled around slightly before moving to turn his head away from her, his large paws over his ears, pressing them down against his head. He was fully awake, had been for a while now, but he couldn't help but have a bit of fun with his little one.

Gracelynn gave a small frown before she moved to scoot in front of him, placing her much smaller hands over his paws before sliding them down to his eyes. Small fingers gently lifted up his lids, amber eyes peering into his blue ones. She giggled softly as she placed a gentle kiss upon his nose. "Hey! You are awake!" She moved a hand to point towards the large wall just a little bit away from where they were. "Flowers. Can we please go look at them?" She gave him her best puppy eyes accompanied by a sweet pouty lip.

Chi looked her over, shaking his head and giving a slight sigh. "You are going to get in trouble one day for being so cute." He moves to stand up, lifting his large body from the ground and shaking out his black fur. The wolf moved to circle around the little girl before taking off towards the flowers that were growing out of a rather large crack in the wall. "Beat you there, Gracie."

"Hey! No fair!" Came the giggled reply as she took off running to catch up to him. They arrived at the wall at about the same time, Chi having slowed down a bit so that she could catch up. The two made it over to the large hole in the base of the wall, Gracelynn already giddy over the large and beautiful flowers that were growing out of it. It almost seemed as though the flowers and the bushes had been planted in an effort to cover the small child and animal sized hole. Gracelynn was just pointing out a rather large pink flower when a giant thud landed just next to them.

They both turned to see the tennis ball that had landed beside them. "Oh! This must belong to someone on the other side!" Gracelynn reached for the ball and picked it up in her hands. She tried to toss it over the wall, but missed the first time. Winding up her arm, she sent it flying again, this time higher so that it just barely made it over the wall.

After a moment, she heard a voice call out to say thank you. "Look Chi! There is someone else over there!" Without a thought, and before Chi could say or do anything, Gracelynn had wiggled herself through the hole, finding her way through the flowers and the brush before poking her head out. "Hello! You are welcome! It would have been sad to have lost it!" She said happily as she moved to make her way out of the bush.

Chi had followed quickly behind her, only getting stuck for a brief moment in the wall. "Gracelynn! You can't just go wandering around in other people's...oh. Hello young man." Chi greeted the child as his head stuck out from the brush as well. He supposed this was one way for Gracelynn to meet new friends, but probably not the most well mannered one.

they say there are linings made of silver
folded in every raining cloud.

image by Naletu at Unsplash.com html by Fenn


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