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love island is active!

Love Island is now active! You can find the link at the bottom of the Adventure page. You may need to refresh your browser to see it.

> You can send as many characters as you want to Love Island.
> Characters on Love Island can still continue/start normal threads on the mainland. Play this however you want. Parallel universes, pocket in time, whatever works.
> When your character arrives, they can only have 1 article of clothing.
> Characters can be sent to Love Island any time. Just add them to a camp via the updates board.
> Try to keep characters loosely in the camps which correspond with their ages. Amor Castra is for teenagers, Campa Grá for young adults and Upendo wa Kambi for older characters. This helps other players who are looking for potential partners and don’t want an accidental paedophile.
> You can add NPCs or features/located heres any time by posting on the updates board.
> Anyone can play any of the NPCs on the island, either as a separate character, or featured in regular posts.
> This is a love freeforall. Use it to develop or test existing relationships, or find new ones. Whatever you want to do!
> Challenges and events will occasionally be posted on Love Island. All of these are non-compulsory.
> Love Island channel is active on Discord for plotting your romances. Or not. As you like.

Dating service will be added s h o r t l y .

I probably forgot something but so tl;dr have fun and do whatever with part-naked characters on a tropical island. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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