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Administrators and moderators will post important news here. Please be sure to check back regularly. :)

Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

august all-site activity collab

this is a collaboration rather than a competition, so players have to work together to get the top prizes rather than compete against each other.

the all-site activity collab starts 1st august and runs until 31st august.

during the month of august, all characters earn double points for the usual end of month claims. that means you get +20 points for that character just for posting them at least once during august.

in addition, prizes will be issued to every active player (that is, every player who posts at least once during august) every time all-site posting goals are met. all-site posting goals constitute the number of in-character posts across the whole site in total.

once an all-site posting goal is hit, an announcement will be made on news and players will be able to claim the prize.

posts will be counted using the #tagging channel on discord, so please put all ic posts in that channel (even if they're closed self-plot posts).

at the end of august, an additional bonus will be given to the top 3 players who contributed the most posts during the month. i'm exempt from this bonus as it's my summer holiday and i have sod all else to do, so it'd be a bit unfair to compete.

15 posts: 500$ boost to all players
30 posts: +15 point boost to all characters who have been posted in august
50 posts: mystery prize
65 posts: 1,000$ boost to all players
80 posts: +30 point boost to all characters who have been posted in august
100 posts: mystery prize
130 posts: 1,000$ boost to all players
160 posts: +50 point boost to one character
200 posts: mystery prize

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