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all-site goal achieved: 200 posts!

We have achieved 200 posts! Amazing!

For your mystery prize, you can each play a little game of all-positive Risk. Hereís how you play:

1. Select any one item (including rare items), power or trait worth up to 1,000$. Holiday Eggs are valued at 900$ purchase (during times when they are purchasable) and 500$ sale, so you could select Holiday Egg here. Please note though that if you pick a Holiday Egg, your result will be randomised; you canít select a specific egg.
2. Select any one item (including rare items), power or trait worth up to 2,000$.
3. Post your two choices on the updates board.

Staff will generate four other options for you. Some of these may be more abstract than simply an item or power.

Staff will then roll a dice to determine which of the six options you receive:
1: your 1st choice
2: your 2nd choice
3: staff option 1
4: staff option 2
5: staff option 3
6: staff option 4

Since we only have one day left of the August activity collab, Iíve set the next target as lower to give us a chance of achieving it. If we do achieve it early thereíll be another goal.

Next target Ė
210 posts: free point bundle to all players who have posted in August.

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