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hey folks, nanowrimo is round the corner. some people have already decided to participate, some may be considering it still. a #nanowrimo channel will be set up in discord soon for nanoers to discuss their novels and motivate one another. for non-nanoers, please consider that nanoers may not be posting much or at all on shaman for the month of november, so you may wish to pursue threads with other non-nanoers in the meantime!

as in previous years, we are offering motivation for nanowrimo participants to help you achieve your goals. at any point between now and the first week or so of nano, come and speak to aspelta with your nanowrimo goal (some people are unable to do the full 50k, so may be shooting for goals like 20k) and something that you would appreciate to help motivate you. it may be something small and regular, such as little prizes for completing daily/weekly goals, or it could be a larger something you'd like at the end of november if you're able to achieve your overall goal.

at any point during nanowrimo, if you feel you are unable to achieve the goal you initially set yourself, come and speak to me to adjust your goals. it's easy to give up if you feel you're not going to reach the initial goal you set yourself, so we're totally able to adjust goals/prizes to help motivate you to keep going, even if it's not as much as you initially wanted to do.

if you are participating in nanowrimo this year, please let people know so they can adjust plots/posts as need be. also tell us about your books because we're all dying to know (and read them).

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