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omniety 2018 results

Firstly, I want to apologise for how late this judgement is. All of your entries were spectacular and the race was impossibly close. I have typed up feedback for each individual across both rounds, focusing on the strengths of each entry. For an EBI (even better if) or target comment, feel free to contact me privately.

Taking both rounds into consideration, I can declare that the winner of Omniety 2018 is Tristan. Well done, Merlin!

Please see below for your commentary and prizes. An additional prize has been given to each person as an apology for the lateness of the judgement. Please claim all prizes on the updates board.

Merlin, winner: both rounds were tightly organised – impressively so, given the timeframe – and were used to push forward your character’s arc. The transition between posts and rounds was smooth and creative, so reading it all in one felt like a single story. Elements of each prompt are present but subtle, creating a natural flow in your storytelling. The depiction of Merlin and his interactions with Tristan were particularly enjoyable. Throughout the story, the reader is presented with a multi-faceted Tristan whose progression is realistically non-linear. He feels very human.
Prize: Your choice of any extreme/admin permission power for Tristan, in addition to your choice of 1,000$ or +50 points for lateness. Previous power choices include hypnosis, possession and unlimited shapeshifting.

Renny, runner up: no one would have guessed that this was your first Omniety competition. Although horror is something you enjoy consuming, it’s not something we’ve seen much from you in terms of writing, and your execution in round one was spectacular. You used suspense effectively and deployed some genuinely horrific and haunting visual imagery. You used round one to actively drive forward Sebastion’s character arc and continued this as a theme in round two. Sebastion and Gwythr are very far removed as characters, but you found a believable way to connect them and get them on the same page. Your depiction of Gwythr was clearly well-researched and very true to his character, which is particularly impressive given that you have never played on the site when Gwythr was active.
Prize: Your choice of any standard power or trait (worth up to 2,000$) for Sebastion, in addition to your choice of 1,000$ or +50 points for lateness.

Wolf, runner up: in both rounds, you used the given prompts to construct fascinating concepts. Declan’s dream world was a unique implementation of the prompts in round one, and the transition to round two was interesting and well-constructed. Grayson was thoroughly pushed and you took full advantage of the opportunity to play around with things you wouldn’t usually get a chance to write. The character progression was lovely and as a reader I’m left feeling keen to see where Grayson will take his realisations next. You remained true to Rhaegar’s character in the second round and your handling of his outbursts of anger felt insightful and completely believable.
Prize: Your choice of any standard power or trait (worth up to 2,000$) for Grayson, in addition to your choice of 1,000$ or +50 points for lateness.

Alora, runner up: your implementation of the prompt was clear and your story was thoroughly enjoyable to behold. I’ve been struggling with reading but had no difficulty at all with reading your entry. It was emotionally compelling and had a gritty, “real” feel to it. It’s easy to empathise with Kane and Jack throughout and you were able to expose vulnerabilities in both while maintaining their masculinity. Your execution was well maintained throughout the posts, which is no mean feat during the Omniety competition, since most people start to rush towards the end. Your use of an assortment of other characters was brave and brilliantly handled, and you balanced them all well, remaining true to each one’s personality.
Prize: Your choice of any standard power or trait (worth up to 2,000$) for Jack, in addition to your choice of 1,000$ or +50 points for lateness.

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