we're searching for something more [Xebyni/Tristan]


An adventure, finally!

The streets of Oliford had been home to Eurig for as long as he could remember. Well, the orphanage was technically his home but he spent less time there than anywhere else. It wasn’t because he didn’t like it...ok, it was. Eurig was the subject of many bullies. Mostly because Eurig was different, he got along better with the girls, he liked his existing pretty things and he especially liked to make new ones - which usually got stolen. Even then, there was a few of the girls that even called him odd.

So he spent as much time away from that place as possible and spent as much time with Xebby and their animal troupe as he could.

It was the only time he ever felt like he belonged. Although, belonging and getting into trouble felt like one in the same to Aneira.

“Do we have to?” The fluffy golden cat whined without skipping a beat in her daily grooming routine.

Eurig stood at the foot of his bed stuffing his Poppins Bag with as much as he could. His hand stilled, “You’re such a drama queen.” Then he continued to add to his bag. Bits of leftover food he managed to scrape together from supper the night before. Adventuring made a growing boy hungry, the thought even more so as he took a nibble from a bit of cheese before adding it to the bag.

“It’s just so far.” Aneira’s head rolled back in an over-the-top cat-groan.

Eurig ignored her as he pulled the ties of his bag together and slung it over the juvenile ostrich beside him. He gave her a scratch under her beak - her expression remained blank but he was convinced it was her favorite, “You should be more like Ruby.” He stated - his golden eyes glanced over to the now slack-jawed cat, “She doesn’t ever complain.”

He walked out the door and down the stairs with a growling and hissing cat at their heels.


Eurig and company slinked down the many side streets and alleyways - tactfully avoiding the market area and the watchful eyes of the posted guards. Not because he had to, it was just easier. He’d become a familiar and highly recognizable face among them. It wasn’t like Eurig was a thief but there was many questions as to how a young lad would come into possession of such fine gems and raw metal materials. Which made him a keen suspect whenever someone thought something was missing.

Nothing would ruin this day, not even a grumpy Aneira.

They skirted a big courtyard and ducked below the henges, he frequently turned to eye the cat who continued to complain about the dirt and debris her coat was collecting. “A little bit a dirt never hurt anyone.” he’d whisper.

“Easy for you to say.” she’d respond.

They slid through a crack in a low lying wall and quickened their pace through a small meadow until they reached the forest line. Slowing, they walked for a few more minutes until they reached an oddly shaped tree which was a frequent meeting place outside the town.

A broad but elegant smile spread across his lips, he was late (no thanks to Aneira) and Xebby was already waiting for them.

Fortunately it looked like she hadn’t been waiting long.

“Here and Present” Eurig called to them as he closed the space between them. An eye brow lifted towards her with a cock of his head, “You ready?”

Today was special - they’d be traveling into the forest - deeper then they’d ever gone before. Eurig overheard a townsfolk talking a few days prior of secret treasures that lied buried within it. Eurigs hand extended out towards Ruby giving her a soft pat. The ostrich was his secret weapon, the big bird attracted objects from deep below the the surface of the earth.

If anything was out there - they’d find it.

images by rawpixel and daniel curran


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