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happy birthday, shaman!

10 years ago today, Shaman was first opened to the public. It has run continuously for the past ten years without hiatus or closure, weathering the ups and downs of both this community and the broader RPG world. A huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

There will be a number of celebrations, including:
> The publication of the member 10 year challenge (see #announcements on Discord)
> An IC 10 year spirit challenge (to be posted on Impetus shortly)
> A new hamper event (see below)
> A very special 2019 Omniety to be held later in the year

As of today, we are beginning a special 10 year hamper event! If you have not participated in a hamper event before, here's how it works. A list has been drawn up of different things members can do (e.g. "post in the Silver Coast") with prizes attached to them. The catch is, the list isn't being made public so you don't know what you will need to do to get the prizes! Try out different things and make careful note of things other players do which get them prizes. A new #hamper channel has been set up on Discord so that you can share what you think might generate hamper prizes.

Each player can earn every type of hamper prize, so if you see someone else getting a prize for posting in the Silver Coast, you can also post in the Silver Coast to get the same prize. Each prize can only be earned once per player.

The hamper event will run for one month, until April 14th. During this time, you can keep track of your prizes on your bank boards. On April 15th, you will be able to claim all of your prizes on the updates board.

Happy hamper hunting!

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