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the artblob challenge!

Oh no! Shaman has been overrun by strange two-dimensional creatures! Some resemble actual creatures while others are more sort of… blobs?

Welcome to the artblob challenge. There are three parts to the challenge and as much as possible we’d love for everyone to get involved in each part.

Part one: create-artblob
For the create-artblob section of the challenge, you need to make artblob lines for other Shamanites to work with. Your artblob can look any way you like; total creative freedom! If you are a professional or hobbyist artist and want to go all-out making carefully crafted lineart, go ahead! If you’re not so skilled an artist, you can make any kind of artblob scribblecreature in MS paint. The badder the art the funnier the story.

Once you’ve created an artblob, upload the image to the #create-artblob channel on discord for other people to colour.

Part two: colour-artblob
For the colour-artblob section of the challenge, collect your favourite lineart from the #create-artblob channel and colour them in. Again, if you have professional software and the desire, you can go all out with your shading and blending and even create a backdrop for the artblob if you like. On the flip side, taking a paintbucket and paintbrush to an artblob in MS Paint is just as much fun.

For added fun, try to colour other people’s linearts so that we’re all building on each other’s artblobs. Feel free to take any lines, including ones previously coloured by others. You can add to a growing artblob family!

Once you’ve coloured an artblob, upload the image to the #colour-artblob channel on discord for other people to tell stories with.

Part three: storytell-artblob
So we have a channel full of colourful artblobs. What’re we gonna do with them? Write!

There are two ways of doing this part of the challenge. If you’re up for it, you can use artblobs in your posts. Adding appropriate emojis/captions in the #tagging channel when you do this will enable everyone to read and giggle along.

Alternatively, if you are musebroke or timestuck or your FIL keeps staring at you, you can tap out a story on the #storytell-artblob discord channel. Nick one of the coloured artblob pictures (preferably one coloured by someone else) and re-upload it into the #storytell-artblob channel with a story. Your story could be anything from a short caption to several paragraphs featuring Shaman characters. The rules of reality are suspended for this channel, so you can use other people’s characters and push the boundaries of realism as much as you like for the sake of comedy.

This is mostly just a laugh, but you can claim 10$ on updates for every artblob you create, colour or tell a story with.

The artblob challenge ends with the month of July, so you can make your claims in August.

Have fun blobbing, artnerds.

Handy links
- pixlr: free online photoediting software
- free online photoeditor: more of the above
- gimp free open-source photoshop style software you can download

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