Aplos Riverside

Moladionís powerful, winding river...
Aplos River is a broad, slow-moving river originating from somewhere beneath the mountains of Spirane and feeding Iromarís moors in the south. The northern parts of the river are known for their strong currents, with the water becoming slow moving in the south. The riverbanks vary along its course, ranging from soft hummock grasses to small groups of pine, and sometimes nothing but pebbles and sand. Crossing can be difficult at times, but it can be swam or bridged by fallen trees or boulders alike.

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Come, sit with me here for a while

i walk to the echo of stars

Auri peers up at the cloudless blue sky from behind the hanging boughs of a pine tree and almost scowls. It was that time of year when father sun draws closer to the great mother earth. Her mother told her that he wasn't trying to cause harm to the world below, he just simply wanted to take a closer look at his children. After all, without father sun the plants cannot grow, and without plants there cannot be plant eaters, and without prey to hunt then there could be no wolves. You cannot begrudge a father for trying to take an interest in the lives of their children. Besides, this time comes but once a year and does not last forever.

The little female scuttles from tree to tree in a desperate bid to stay out of direct sunlight. She pressed her side against their rough trunks in turn to show her gratitude to her brothers for sharing their shade with her. Some might consider her movements unnecessary, possibly over-dramatic, but Auri had been struck by sunstroke during her first summer as a yearling and she had no desire to repeat that experience. Her ears twitch to the sound of water gently babbling in the near distance. Auri picked up her paws into a graceful trot, and after a few more trees she was at the bank, or at least where the bank was meant to be. Poor sister river had shrunk beneath father sun's intense gaze.

Carefully, Auri walked out onto the dry riverbed. The first couple of steps were across dry and cracked mud. Poor sister, I wonder if she can feel pain, Auri thought. Eventually she reached soft mud but the wolfess did not stop until she was ankle deep in the gentle current. The water felt cool and refreshing to her paws. She lowered her head and drank to her herts content. Once her thirst was quenched she waded through the shallows until she found a spot in the river where a brother tree was casting dappled shadows across the waters surface. Auri lay down and was content with the idea of staying here until the hottest part of the day had subsided.
A u r i *
female ~ nine years ~ homeless


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