Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesWylie Road

Not sure what interest this is but I birded Wylie Road sat 15th April. I saw alot of Snipes, Bluebirds and Meadowlarks, Song and Tree Sparrows were very evident up and down the road. I had one Loggerhead Shrike south of nestbox 10 and on the eastside of the road and a pair behind nestbox 10 on the westside. several Golden-crowned Kinglets amongst some Chickadees and a couple Brown Creepers were found just east of Wylie at the T-junction. Also near the T-junction was a male Merlin, a female was further south flying over the fields where she scared up a few Killdeer and the only Upland Sandpiper I saw for the day. Other things that may be of interest, one Black Bear walking south along the treeline and a Beaver in a marshy area where the road goes between the trees north of the marsh. As an added bonus I saw my first Butterfly of the year, species unknown since it never stopped for good look.

Good birding to all and heres to a good year for the Shrikes in the area.
Ian Stanley

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