Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesGolden-winged song; other new arrivals

The "bee-buzz-buzz-buzz" of the Golden-winged Warbler was heard consistently at about 10:30 this morning on Wylie Road in the bushes just south of the Sedge Wren Marsh bridge on the east side. I wasn't able to find it, so don't want to confirm the species. Hope others see it.
A Kentucky Warbler was singing on Windmill Ranch north of the marsh, on the west side of the road south of the old barn. Last evening a Veery was singing on the same side, in the trees just north of the marsh.
The marsh and pond on Shrike Road north of Talbot River Road and south of the big hill continue to be interesting: a Green Heron was in the marsh today, and last night at about 8:30 a pair of Blue-Winged Teals looked contented in the pond, a location where they have nested previously.
Bobolinks are back in the field on the north side of McNamee Road west of the "road closed" gate.


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