Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesClay-colored Sparrows etc.

Yesterday I spent most of the day driving back and forth on Wylie Road. The morning was quite cool and windy and few birds were singing. By later in the day there were many of some species singing and few of others. Surprisingly few Boboblinks, I thought, and only 6 species of warbler.

A Sora Rail was on Wylie Road when I arrived around 7:30 am. I could see it from a distance with binos and saw it go across the road several times. Mike MacAvoy saw one in the same area and said it crossed the road 4 times and seemed to be carrying nesting material.

Clay-colored Sparrows are my nemesis bird and I have not been able to get them for the last 10 years!!! I thought they were supposed to be found near the old windmill near the end of Wylie Road. Am I looking and listening in the wrong place?


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