water chestnut is in Otisco Lake!

Save your dock, the fish and the lake! Lend a hand pulling water chestnut on Otisco Lake on July 22. Water chestnut is an invasive aquatic plant that has formed large floating mats of vegetation in many central New York waterways. In 2006, a large patch of water chestnut was found in Otisco Lake in Turtle Bay. In addition to blocking boats, water chestnut produces sharp, thorny seeds that wash up on shore and hurt bare feet. Hand-pulling the plants before the seeds drop in mid-August can stop the spread of water chestnut in Otisco Lake and to other water bodies. Volunteers are encouraged to wear old sneakers and clothing. Meet at Turtle Bay at 1 pm. The hand-pull will last until 7 pm—join us for an hour or even six! Canoes, kayaks, small pontoon boats and vehicles with trailer hitches are also needed. Rain date is July 23. Call Cornell Cooperative Extension at (315) 424 – 9485 for directions to the hand-pull.

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