Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesA Mink Story

Today while conducting 'species at risk' surveys in Carden, we decided to stop along Wylie Road at Sedge Wren Marsh to look at some of the butterlies there. I looked behind us & saw a mink cross the road & continue to walk along the roadside before disappearing into the roadside vegetation. We continued walking for about 10 mins & then turned around & started to head back to our parked truck. I again spotted a mink, this time walking toward us with something in its mouth. We stood still & it came to within 5 ft before noticing our presence, dropping the prey item, & disappearing into the vegetation. We examined the prey which was a Star-nosed Mole & then returned to the truck. As we drove north along Wylie Road about 5 mins after having looked at the dead mole, it was now gone. One can only assume that the mink was not ready to give up a food item it had expended energy to catch. We all appreciated the brief glimpse we had into the daily life of a wild creature.

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