TO Borodino and Spafford people. :

TRUCK CRASH. N-clear waste spilled???

Just trying to get your attention.
Remember, E=MC2
Exagerations ='s mental confusion/ squared the number of democratic voters. That's what ruins societies.

Back to the truck crash last week, it was during the day in cold weather...

Every time there is a truck crash, I Gasoline Joe, will keep the town briefed as well as he can as a liberal reporter. This will promote accuracy during future town hall meetings and public meetings. This will nurture our ability to adequately communicate. This will save money and CO2 gasses. We must updated our communication skills, so no more bull####. Thank you.

The News:
A few days ago we had a fire call to a "jack-knifed" tractor trailor. It was not a trash truck, it was a cargo box believed to be empty. ( if you know more, please help me here ) Anyways, the right side gas tank was crushed and we saw colored water under the vehicle. Emergency soldiers, Shum Luebner and Rick Wise called the Spaffored Town Highway Department, responding accordingly, JODI Fisher had a bucket of sand to contain the colored water under the tractor in less than eight minutes. He is skillful with that front loader and that saved time and money and yes, co2 gasses. His shills are an asset to this community if there is another spill. After evaluating the scene, we determined the gas tank was not ruptured: There was only a cut radiator hose. One gallon or less was exposed to the road. It was a good exercise for us all volunteers. Brad and Phil Haines from BoroTec, stopped what they where doing and also controled the scene. Gib, Mike Alexander, Joe Marchetter, Joe Pratt and Matt OBrien, Thank you for helping to save our environment. To everyone there. Good job. Sorry I forgot all the names.. I wish I could give you all a subscription to the SIERRA CLUB. You do love your environment. Congratulations, from GOD.

Please volunteer. I was working on a customer's car and I stopped what I was doing to help. I thanked the customer for being understanding. So stop by the firehouse and have an
E=s MC2 breakfast. Ask for the Joetoast, it's like french toast but with a little italian fantasy. You won't be disapointed. ( Gasoline Joe won TOP CHEF on that TV show last week with the JOETOAST morning sandwich. ) Breakfast next Saturday? Bring your news and blues and sunshine.

Till the next truck crash...

Gasoline Joe.

I will brief the town councilors at the next town hall meeting. Not? Ha! Ha! Just have them read this environmental memo from a Coyote Fireman.


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