No it's is not the MIKE CONNER guy who works for the POST STANDARD so don't sue me.

Anyways, Mike Conner is a guy who works for the EIA, the Energy Information Agency in Washington DC. He was nice enough to call me back to tell me where SENATOR STABINOW, who did not return my phone calls,(remember, I am a democrat ) got the energy figures that the United States of America produces and exports 1.8 million barrels of OIL per-day out of this country so as to profile the oil industry as all bad, like Dan Maffei does, our new congressman. She lied on C-SPAN, like Caroline Kennedy will do about energy issues, Mike Conner from the EIA is an energy expert who pointed me in the right direction when I was researching the truth about energy and how I wanted to make a documentary about it. I don't want to be like Jim Reith, the Syracuse radio guy on between 3 and 7 on CH. 57, and know more about baseball than about energy issues. That's not something to be proud of if you have a radio show that would better be used to educate than exaggerate the energy issues. E=MC2. Mike showed me where to find the MS Information Senator Stabinow was regurgitating to fellow democrats, like myself, that depended on her to be more helpful. This democrat lost respect for that democrat. She's in my film WHY I LEFT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY but I can't think of what state she is representing. Michigan ? More to come.

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