Yes, Thank you.
Dick Cheney was right ALL ALONG....CONSERVATION IS A PERSONAL VIRTUE. DEMOCRATS ARE THE MOST UNINFORMED VOTERS WHEN IT COMES TO ENERGY ISSUES THAT THEY HATE YOU WHEN YOU KNOW MORE THAN THEM. The Sierra Club hates me also because I am pro-drilling. And when I mention drilling, they counter by saying:
But we must invest in alternatives and renewables as if they are so well read and I'm so stupid and un-aware. Yet I know more about renewables and alternatives than they do. I asked Congressman Maffei and his staff Ethanol questions and they didn't even know the answers. Boy, was I laughing when they made excuses for not knowing......What ever happened to the democratic party's intellect and honesty? Gods got to be shaking his head.

Anyways, Thanks for the positive comments. The film was a lot of work. Hope some Republicans step up and make some donations to promote this educational documentary in Washington, DC.

AlQaeda has its financial supporters called the Golden Chain. This group raises $ for Al Qaeda's media department called AS SABAH. Their filmmaker's name is ADAM GADAHN.
An ex- American.

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