TAX Meeting???

I want to THANK whoever put the "poorly" made sign up in our town about the unofficial tax meeting. As pointed out at the meeting, the sign(s) caused people to come together as a community. In-land people and lake front people banded together to try to get answers and implore that OUR local government at least LOOK INTO the possibilities for undoing a wrong that was done to our community. The government must represent the people and should continually be looking out for our best interests. It is NOT our best interest to be assessed out of the town. I feel that a certain percentage increase in our assessments is inevitable, but an increase at the level that was placed on our town cannot possibly be fair, especially with the discrepancies between properties. It seems that the board was VERY concerned about the LAWN not being mowed and even going so far as to possibly hold a special meeting to address the issue. I request the same amount of vigor be put into helping the citizens with their assessments.


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