I remember when the school would do a clothing sale, before school started up , to let families buy winter clothing used, to get ready for school year and get bigger sizes at used prices. It was a great plan, but I don't think they do that anymore. This is not the only reason for a sale; you can sell what ever you like. A few cookies and lemonaide is always a good idea.

SO.... would any of you want to do this, like right before school opens, the last week of August? It would be better if we advertised for multiple families, or I can institute the 25 mile garage sale again, Skaneateles to Homer on Rt 41. the only reason I stopped doing it was that I heard enough complaints , and felt that people didn't get in the spirit of " Community". The best way to be successfull is to invite others who don't live on Rt 41 , to bring their stuff to your house and set up with you. Talk it up with your friends, neighb ors and relatives, and get back to me on the interest in doing this.

I can put out a flyer to encourage others and I can supply the signage and free ads in the papers.

Let me know if you want to do this, if I don't hear from many, I will just forget the idea.

Teri rtwise@netzero.net


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