Re(4): Wheres the help when you need it???

Well i am debbie's sisters It seem to me that you are trying to blame Debbie for Not have the breakfasts. Just because she dose not want to help you out this year Dose NOT mean that you all can not still have them. If you have so many people doing the work .Then what do you need her for? I know what it is she dose all the leg work and gets the people there all the plain that needs so be done that is behind the scean that everyone dose not see . she may not have been out Cooking and cleaning all that but talking with the people makes them feel welcome and want to come back. So that you can make more memories. It takes a Team for something to work. So if you are so upset about the not having them and the was the one that did not like the kids help. you can still have them and get all the kids you want to help you out because she will not there. I think you all just know that if Debbie not there reminding you of what needs to be done or to by that you Can NOT Do. She was the Heart and Soul Of the Breakfast. Bonnie Mountford I love you Sis keep your head up and move on to new and better things.


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