democratic secret meeting? Who's responsible?

I will investigate why the local democrats didn't contact the Bullett to let other loyal democrats, like myself, know that a meeting was being held at the Grange about picking new candidates for this year's election. They talk of secret meetings by the Reps, yet they do it. Why didn't Mr Jim contact voters by e-mail or by regular mail. He didn't want to spend his own money to do it? ( 10 dollars is alot of money for people who drive luxury cars ) What is the excuse. I will investigate at the next meeting. I spend my own money to help this town and don't ask for it back and I am just a poor auto mechanic and not a rich attorney. What was on their minds as to why contacting other memebrs was SO DIFFICULT? I thought us democrats where perfect? Lets see if we are contacted for the next meeting.
Call me if you know anything. 673-9565

Thank you politically. Joe vecchio 1850 E.L. RD


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