Re(2): Where's my sign -- again

Maybe I should explain this ... I own the corner lot on Collard and East lake rd. The property starts on ELR and goes back about 1,000 ft down collard. You can't see my house from ELR, so I put the sign with the arrow poiting toward where the house is, but that sign and the politcal signs were on MY ELR frontage. Not to mention, no one owns the first few feet of the road, even if it wasn't my own property. Last year a RE agent put a sign right in the same spot for a house he was selling on Collard, and no one took that one down - for almost a year I had to look at that sign on my property, but I never took it down. This sign has been up for 5 days and it'a already been taken down? Who does something like that? Are they using it themselves? haha, I guess it was a really nice sign, but they could have knocked on my door, or put a message in my mail box if they wanted one just like it, my husband would have made one for them.


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