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limited time breeding offer.

For a limited time only, we are offering a special coupon for babies being born. With this coupon, your baby fairy will receive one free coin each time he or she levels up.

The coupon costs the parents three coins, which means that somewhere along the line you're getting four free coins.

If mummy Janet has 3 coins, she can trade them to give her baby the coupon. However, the coins do not have to come from one parent; if mummy Janet has only 2 coins, but daddy Jake has 1 coin, they can pull their coins together to get their baby a coupon.

Coupons cost 3 coins per baby, so if you get twins and you want both to have a coupon, your parents have to come up with 6 coins between them.

Only the parents of the baby being born can provide the coins to pay for the coupon. The baby's coupon expires when they reach level 7, so if they go down a level they will not receive an additional coin for levelling back up again.

To take up on this offer, simply trade the coins when posting your breeding post and request a coupon for your baby.

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