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part three

Morgana lay back against the pillow, the sheets feeling cool against her warm skin, sensing the raven’s anxiety she glanced in his direction with her unseeing black eyes. Through him, she could see herself, the red of her flushed cheeks, bright against the usual pale of her skin, and the wideness of her eyes, worried by what she had seen. The girl smiled softly as she felt her familiar run his hard beak across the back of her hand in a comforting gesture. She raised her hand, running her fingers through his feathers for an instant before finding her voice. “I think it’s the next curse Kraar” Morgana said grimly, “I don’t know when it’s going to come, but first the world will shake, then the wind will get stronger and then some will lose their sight, some their hearing and others will be unable to talk. I think it means he’s close Kraar, I think Mallos is almost free!” Morgana froze as the earth began to quake.

Hopefully it all makes sense xD but to clarify if not, the sixth curse means that everyone either looses the ability to see, hear or talk. Your character may loose more than one if you wish it. Also...hate to state the obvious but if your character is already blind then they can't loose their sight in the curse xD

p.s: thanks to Luna and Jaya for loaning me their characters and thank you to Pixie for her Lilith paragraph ^^

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