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wartime coin uses.

you should already be aware that coins can be used to remove defects and psychological disorders, or to restore lost body parts/functions.

now, if your character has a coin on them when they die, the coin can be used to instantly bring the character back. this has to happen within seconds after death, before the soul passes on to the realm of the dead.

should be useful for those of you with coins you don't know what to do with as character development opportunities during the war.

you can also cheat your way to the top by paying one coin for a promotion in either of the empires' base territories. this only goes as far as lieutenant/imperial guard/councelor; after this point you cannot corrupt your way up the ladder and have to go about your ways honestly.

coins can also be used as a get out of jail free card if your character is being held by the enemy as a prisoner of war.

other uses for coins:
- create a familiar or change your familiar's form
- give your character a standard magical power
- trade for 30 land points. these will be held in limbo for you until the territories return to normal.

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