Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

~(•)~Little Spirit~(•)~

“Oh I will try!” The wolf said smiling widely. Tael watched as she flew off back towards the pack lands. He didn’t speak or move for some time simply watched until he could no longer see her as she blended in surrounding snow so much. The fairy wings that he used to fly appeared at his shoulders spreading out before he circled around the clearing. He would make it back, if he did end up fighting with Majora. He promised Akara he would after all.
Leaping from the cliff the transparent fairy wings gave a few beats and Tael was off into the sky. He would circle the mountain a few times then head off towards the rivers. Watch out Majora, you won’t be getting away with your crime much longer.


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