Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

.:.Glittering In The Dark.:.

The siblings watched curiously from the hillside, mismatched hides standing out clearly in the icy atmosphere. In usion, they both twitched ears and swivelled around, strange twins blinking before staring right at Sigurd as he approached. Knife decided he was strong, and big. She decided he was not food. She also decided he was worth talking to. Arrow on the other hand immediately decided he didn’t like the other male, for now. That was his reaction to everyone and everything, actually. But not liking somebody did not stop him from acting mature. With a sniff, the golden red shimmering male backed up behind his sister, she was usually the one for talking. He usually messed things up, as she put it. A glare to wake the dead set on his face though. This was only the usual for him, though.

Knife offered a tiny, yet somehow still serious, smile back at Sigurd, returning his gaze she nodded. About to respond to him after he commented on the view, she was rudely interrupted. Meh, I’ve seen better. It‘s not that impressive. Arrow shrugged from behind her. Knife narrowed her eyes and turned back to stare at her brother for a moment or two, before turning back to Sigurd. Ignore him. He’s always like that. the blue and silver husky and wolf femme curled her tail up and blinked, settling down into a sitting position. Her tone, when she had spoke, had been simple. Not really feminine, but more low…not exactly masculine either. A bit of both. Her eyes changed from a relaxed purple to a now on-edge white. A bit worried about what this meeting would hold but at the same time excited. Her eyes were stranger now, pupils almost vanishing in the depths of the blank white space. Knife nodded at Sigurd’s next words. I heard that. Do you know any particularly dangerous paths to the top? at the word dangerous, her eyes lit up into a fiery gold for a mere second before the white again. The fey loved challenges. And this place seemed just the right setting to test her strength and wits.

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