Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesBald Eagle; raven

Thanks to a tip from Dale Leadbeater, I went up to Doyle Road this morning to look for an eagle. At about 10 a.m. it came, flying southwest right along the hydro corridor east of CKL 35. At first glimpse it looked a bit like an osprey because of some brown patchiness on the head, which Peterson's says is characteristic of 2- and 3-year olds. The tail was white, although perhaps not as snowy as an adult's. It was a great sight. Judging by the crows that were hanging around 35 and the hydro cut, where Dale had seen the eagle being mobbed a couple of hours earlier, I'm guessing that it may be spending some time in the area at least this morning.
A raven was calling, with at least 3 different vocalizations, intermittently as I made my way along the southern leg of Doyle Road. It flew along the hydro corridor some time after the eagle passed, and went into the woods south of the road, where it could be seen moving about. I heard and saw two ravens in the Doyle Road area a couple of weeks ago as well.


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