Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesTurtles and raptors on Wylie Road

A quick trip up Wylie involved meeting a somnolent Blanding's turtle on the road south of the marsh, and then moving a small irate moss-covered snapper at the bridge. The road is less submerged than I feared, although it takes concentration to navigate the ruts.
Near the barn north of the marsh kestrels mated in a tree, and a rough-legged hawk circled above the trees. This is the second rough-legged I've seen in a week, and also in a lifetime. Is this a big year for them in Carden, or just good luck? There were a couple of other kestrels in the air over Shrike Rd., and a pair of ring-necked ducks in the marsh there. Meadowlarks singing, snipe audible.


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