Starry Night

Starry Night

There is nothing more beautiful to see than the stars in the sky.

A radiant work of art even to the naked eye.

Stretching across the sky a dark canvas to behold,

each and every star with beauty unfortold.

Billions of stars burning through the sky,

lying here squinting wanting to see them all as I try.

Some are very bright others seem far away,

I cannot See them all as some of them tend to fade.

What an exceptionally remarkable sight,

out of such darkness can be such an angelic light.

Stunning constellations’ of all shapes and size,

unable to count them all for there are far more than you realize.

So many different colors to be seen,

each star bigger than the sun appear as tiny twinkles to you and me.

Quadrillion miles away and still seen by the eye,

thousands at a time seen but stars without fuel still die.

So many patterns used as tools,

Even horoscope base predictions on them as a rule.

There are so many paintings attempt to obtain their beauty,

there is nothing that can compare with the magnificence that the eyes can see.

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