Re(1): Reasons for my pessimism about many of the alleged sightings posted here.

I read the looooong (!) article,Katchaya and I certainly agree with you - there are lots of people out there who lie.Sometimes we can figure out the reasons; others it's not so easy, but what it usually boils down to is that they are lying to stay out of trouble or make themselves look good and if that's not the case then they just may be seeking attention and trying to make their life a little bit more exciting.I think it a vicious circle for them - they lie for attention then people find out and don't want to be their friends and then they tell even bigger lies to attract more friends.I think it can actually be a mental illness for many and they are powerless to stop without theraputic intervention and I am sure even that doesn't work with everybody.I have had a few people like that in my life. Needless to say most of them weren't around for long.Back on subject - I definately think there are some story tellers as far as Mountain Lion sightings go, but I have no doubt that they exist in this area. Wasn't some scat discovered out in western Mass.that was sent out to be DNA'd and it was identified as Mountain Lion scat with M.L. hair in it? They are very shy,elusive creatures who are really good at hiding.I can only speak from my experience of trying to find a cat in ONE ROOM approximately 12x20. We knew the cat was in there and it took 2 grown women,myself and my friend, HOURS to flush it out of hiding - and we still don't know where it was - it just kind of appeared all of a sudden!And I assure you, it wasn't a room like you see on Hoarders!A sparsley furnished bedroom!They said there were no Bobcats around here since the 40's and I saw one in the basement of a house my family was building in the mid-fifties.I was a very young child but I remember it well.Now Bobcats are all over the place. I think it will be that way with the M.L.'s.If the crazy hunters looking for a thrill don't eradicate them all.I know all hunters aren't like that and we need hunting season for deer etc. to balance the numbers but there are always those who want bragging rights to something exotic.Don't be discouraged!I think proof is around the corner!I'm curious - what made you decide to create this board? Please don't stop - I think it so much fun reading about the sightings - even if some prove to be lies.The truths are worth it.


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