black mountain lion sighting on I-95 bangor

Driving north bound on I-95 through Bangor, I was headed from a friends house off exit 183 to my dorm off exit 187. It was a little before midnight in the middle of the week and the road was empty. I would say it was late September or early October. With the road being open and not having a long commute I drove with out paying great attention to my surroundings. I was driving in the right lane at the time and was gazing at something off the road. As I returned my eyes to the road a large black creature with a long tail was in the roadway, halfway in the left lane and half in the right. It was About a car length in from of me when I saw it. I swerved hard right as the animal darted with great speed and agility the other way clearing the gourd rail in between north and south with ease. The creature was easily the length of the front of my car head to end of it body and was completely black with green eyes reflecting in the light. From my knowledge of animals found in Maine there is nothing comparable. I beleive i saw a black panter that night


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