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Administrators and moderators will post important news here. Please be sure to check back regularly. :)

Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

welcome to version x!

Welcome to version X!

As before, the layout does not work in Internet Explorer. It is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox, but operates best in Chrome or Safari. Some visual effects may be lacking if you choose to use Firefox or Opera.

If you are experiencing problems with the new layout, try:
- Refreshing your page.
- Deleting your cookies/temp files.
- Reloading your browser.
- Rebooting your router.

These four tricks will fix 99.9% of site bugs. If you are still experiencing problems, contact an admin. Iím the layout coder so usually the best one to talk to about layout problems, but as Iíll be away for a few days youíll need to talk to Quil or Merl. If you notice any mistakes in the layout then again, alert an admin.

And so, onto the shiny new features!

The main feature of this layout is the new shiny purple barrier which is protecting Shaman. This barrier is completely impenetrable, which means characters currently living here cannot leave. New characters can still be joined because wish magic (the magic which brings characters into Shaman when they donít go through the mirror portal) overrides all else. The sky is tinged purple by the barrier, and the crack is very visible.

As the version progresses, more cracks will appear in the barrier and with each crack more monsters will cross into Shaman. You donít need our permission to play these out in regular posts if you want to, but every now and again admins will post cracks/monster invasions in various places. As usual you should be able to get prizes for fighting them. The more the barrier the cracks, the more dangerous monsters will cross over.

As mentioned in the plots, the full council is now stuck on Shaman (yikes). This means you can receive quests or make requests of ANY of the deities. To do this you can either post in the pantheon and call a deity out by name, or you can go to the place where that deity lives and call them out. The places where the deities live are:
Pantheon: Zed, Tsi, Rhaegar, Xephyr, Lorraine
Olive Grove/Commune: Allianah, Khasekhemwy, Charlton
Castle: Mallos

As has been implied, the deities donít get along and really donít work well confined to close quarters. Divine fights are liable to break out over the course of the next version which could result in disasters for ordinary characters.

If you wish to use a divine fight in a plot, just holla. Merl plays Rhaegar and Quil plays Xephyr; otherwise the rest are played by me.

Other new features:
- The new Ďwriting promptsí page can be found under help -> the writing centre, in the right-hand column.
- The Starground is inaccessible this version for obvious reasons.
- The set-up for Apeliotes Caves has changed. Now, instead of having one pirate overlord, you can set up your own factions. A faction can consist of as many fairies as you want (including NPCs) and anyone can set one up. Factions can ally or rival one another, invade each otherís territory, steal each otherís loot etc. To establish a faction, simply post on the updates board.
- You can no longer create temporary characters for obvious reasons, but existing temporary characters are still in-game until the end of this version.

So, without further adoÖ from Quil, Merl and Gia, welcome to version X!

For this week only, rule number 10 has been lost. Woops! How careless of us.

Until Friday 20th September at midnight BST, you will be able to:
- Trade coins and points between living non-temporary characters. Dead and temp characters, and the offspring of temp characters, are excluded from this.
- Move coins and points from living non-temporary characters to your banks. Dead and temp characters, and the offspring of temp characters, are excluded from this.
- Sell powers and traits from living non-temporary characters for the sum of 800$ each. Dead and temp characters, and the offspring of temp characters, are excluded from this.
- Purchase coins for the sum of 2,000$ each.
- Purchase points for the sum of 10$ each.

All of these actions are available on the updates board.

activity contest
We havenít had one since November 2010. Seriously?

Oldies will know the drill Ė weíre using the same system as last time. Newbies, please read on!

Basically, weíre going to give you a chance to collect llamas. Because seriously, who doesnít want a llama?


Every time you write a post, you can earn x amount of llamas depending on how long your post is. You can also earn llamas if someone you referred to one of our sisters posts.

. Every time one of your referrals posts (you can have referred them to any of our sisters) = 1 llama.
. Every time you do a post with up to 100 words = 1 llama.
. Every time you do a post with over 300 words = 2 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 500 words = 3 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 800 words = 4 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 1000 words = 5 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 1300 words = 7 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 1500 words = 8 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 2000 words = 10 llamas.
. Every time you do a post with over 2500 words = 15 llamas.

Das a lotta llamas.

Admins can also give out llamas if we think you have done an exceptional quality posts, which we will try and do as often as possible.

You can record your llamas on the Adtracker board. Please set up your posts as follows:

Name: Your OOC name.
Subject: Your charactersí names.
Message: Must include:
. Proof of posting by linking to the appropriate post.
. If youíre claiming extra llamas for EOT/quality, proof of this.
. The word count of each post.
. The number of llamas each post is worth.

You must have all of these, otherwise you will not be spared at the alpacalypse.

Recycling posts or parts of posts will gain you no llamas.

This competition closes on October 25th at midnight GMT. So you have OVER A MONTH to hoard your llamas :o

Since this is a competition, there are PRIZES!

First Prize
5,500$ doubloons.
1 coin for 2 character.
1 level up for 1 under level 7 character (i.e. you cannot use this to bump yourself up to level 8, 9 or 10).
Free explorations for 1 month (until November 25th at midnight GMT).

Second Prize
1,000$ doubloons.
1 coin for 1 character.
+30 points.

But, as always, the best part of the activity contest isnít the main prizes. Even if you donít win, you can still trade your llamas up for cool stuff at the end of the contest. These are in addition to the prizes you can win above.

1 llama can be traded for 1$ doubloon, OR
3 llamas can be traded for 1 point, OR
100 llamas can be traded for 1 coin.

Everyone is automatically entered to compete for the main prizes, except me. Since I referred half the game it would be unfair for me to be able to compete for the main prizes, because I always come out on top without doing any work for it ;)

If there are any questions, just holla.

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