sometime around mid-march 13' in the Sandwich Range on Mount Whiteface:
Up at about 3400 feet on the Blueberry Ledge Trail we saw a huge all Black Cat. It was easily over 40 inches from head to tail and was much larger and higher shouldered than I would have expected for my second cat sighting. It walked virtually silently on top of rock hard glazed over snowpack and continued across the rear of our path into Whiteface Bowl.We had seen some tracks on the way up but they were so large we shrugged in confusion and doubt.
On the way down, we took a small detour through the river floodplain and saw LOTS of prints that easily left 3.25 inch clawmarks in some spots. I had just recently been studying prints at home and I'm a lifelong off-trail backpacker and former NH and Maine upcountry resident. I know my prints and I have a 130 pound great dane and these prints and clawmarks put his to shame. They were NOT bear prints.I actually may still have some photos in my phone. I will look and check back. Unfortunately I didnt really make a career out of taking the pics because I just assume not encourage hunters looking to do taxidermy for money. I had one other sighting about 6 years ago east of Berlin NH,with 3 witnesses. The stride and speed were incredible.
By the number of prints we saw, there's easily two different sized cats and alot of activity there.

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