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crack event

the following has been posted in the academy and the silver cove:

Those who remembered the civil war would not soon forget the blackened, burned faces of those who had served the evil King Gwythr. In the absence of dark-hearted fairies to follow him, Gwythr had called upon an ancient race to act as his foot-soldiers: lamrions.

Since the fateful day when the great protective dome had enclosed over the planet, cracks had begun to appear in the sky but none as vast or as earth-shattering as the one which rent across the heavens on this day. The rumble sent an earthquake across the lands of Shaman, destroying the mudbrick buildings near the coast and flooding the Silver Cove under a small tidal wave. Those who were unlucky enough to be on the beach were washed out to sea.

Worse was what befell the lonely isle situated directly beneath the crack the home of the Star Academy. A thousand vampiric lamrions tumbled out of the hole in the sky and tore through the school, destroying all that they touched. Their screeches could be heard all the way from the castle.

- Anyone in the Silver Cove will have been caught up in the flood. They either made it to safety or were washed out to sea and will have to find a way back to the mainland.
- Everyone at the Academy is now facing an army of lamrions to be fought off.

As always, this is an optional event to participate in. You can have your characters participate in the flood at Silver Cove or the fight at the Academy, or not at all, whatever you wish. The event will continue for as long as you want.


happy bonfire night! everyone may claim 1x flame-grilled steak on the updates board.

aaand here's some horrible history:

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